Welcome to SKMS Krav Maga!

We’re currently running Kids Classes for ages 5-11 as of January 2021. We’ll restart all our classes as restrictions allow!

Class timetable from 01/01/2021:  

Please contact for the location as it might change. General area: Anniesland.

  • Wednesdays: 1.30-2.15 pm for ages 5-11.
  • Satrudays: 9.30-10.15 am for ages 5-11. 
  • Please check before coming along as classes might be cancelled due to the weather. 

We welcome beginners to every venue, every class, all year round! If you’d like to book a trial class, click Book a Trial and send us a message! No experience required to join any of our classes! £10 online, £15 at the class. Kids trial is £8.

If you’d like to start by attending a beginners course, you can book a 4-week block here. If there’s nothing here, we don’t have a beginners block planned currently but keep checking for updates! If you’d like to sign up to the mailing list, send us a message at info@scotkravmaga.co.uk or via WhatsApp (07512027411). We run beginners courses 2-3 times a year. These courses will teach you avoidance, awareness and prevention – the fundamentals of Krav Maga, the world’s most effective self-defence system. You will learn basic blocks, punches, kicks, and defences to the most common attacks you might come across during your life, such as intimidation, verbal and physical abuse, punches, kicks, chokes, knife attacks and other dangers. Sign up now! All classes welcome beginners, don’t hesitate to come along with no experience!


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