Deirdre Craddock

Training KM was the best decision I have ever made for my health as well as my safety. Without a doubt I am safer, feel braver but best of all it helps control my Fibromyalgia so now I have less pain. It helped restore my strength after major surgery too, stopping me feeling so vulnerable after being sick. I encourage everyone to treat Krav Maga as an important life skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Seize any opportunity with open arms to train with the excellent, welcoming and encouraging teachers at SKMS. Don’t be timid! The company is great too- very sociable and warm hearted, you’ll have so many laughs as they teach that you’ll be amazed what you can do and how fast you learn skills. every single time you go, that could save your life. No one is competitive, age, height etc. doesn’t matter because everyone helps each other, there’s nothing I haven’t liked about going to SKMS. I feel very lucky they crossed my path. 🙂

Steven Clark

I can thoroughly recommend the SKMS classes and tutors. I had some base in other martial arts but had none in Krav Maga. Finding a martial art which I could practice and work around a injured knee was my aim. I was also keen to build up my fitness after becoming a father. Before attending I contacted Robert who was very happy to discuss the ideology around Krav and my knee injury in particular. At my request I began with one private lesson which I really enjoyed. This is great value for money. I then attended a beginners class which was great fun with a good atmosphere. I am now about to attend a regular class. My experience is that the community and communication aspects are of a very high standard. The email and Whatsapp group are all very informative and welcoming.


My son and I started Krav Maga with SKMS just over two years ago. He wanted to do something more varied and practical than traditional martial arts and I went to keep him company. Since then we have both really enjoyed it, made friends, got fitter and traded bruises in a friendly atmosphere. The instructors are great and will encourage you to achieve your best and are always ready to help with advice. I’m heading to Israel next year to train with the Global Instructors Team which is a reflection of how much I have got from Robert and his top team.

Solange Pompl

I took the women’s self defense class whilst living in Scotland for a year, as I wanted to learn to protect myself better. I liked it so much that I started the regular course until I left Scotland. Now, two years later, I’ve started taking up classes in The Netherlands again. It may sound cliché, but there’s a “krav” vibe that is connected to the sports itself, and you can find it in any country. Krav Maga has made me fitter, stronger and more self-confident. I feel like they should make it a mandatory subject in all schools. But until that has become a reality, taking classes with Robert at SKMS is a great alternative

Gracie Moffat

Learning Krav Maga has allowed me to feel confident in my ability to defend myself and others, whether it’s on a night out or travelling alone in a new country. Best decision I’ve made for my self confidence!

Manoj Bagha

Private lessons helped me develop my Krav skills very quickly.
The one on one lessons are fantastic they were at a time that suited me. We trained outside in potentially real life situation. It was easy for Robert to pin point and fix mistakes that might not get picked up in a class full of students. All in all, I  would highly recommend SKMS private lessons.

Camilla Damlund

Learning Krav Maga with SKMS is a true confidence builder. Robert and the other trainers are dedicated to making training fun and epic while maintaining a safe environment for all. Couldn’t ask for more team spirit, more dedication, or a better Krav Maga experience.

Alyna Karim

I began Krav Maga in 2016, with the pro-active intention to learn some basic self-defence as I started university. The classes are fun, energetic and informative. They have greatly helped to build and improve my self-confidence. Overall I highly recommend learning Krav Maga through SKMS, it was definitely one of the best decisions I made.

Finlay Matheson

Krav classes have had a positive effect on both my confidence and my fitness levels. A very welcoming community and keen instructors. Would recommend for anyone looking for pragmatic self defence experience.


Both my daughters attend and I’ve watched their confidence blossom around other kids AND adults since day one.

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