Women's Self Defence Classes and Seminars

Women's Only Self Defence Glasgow

Women Only Beginners Classes – January 2024

Come along and learn the basics of Krav Maga – with only women participants. It’s a safe space and a time just for you.

This year we have structured our course in a new way – you can pick and choose the topics that interest you.

Tuesday, 13th of February, 7-9.30 pm: Intro and most common attacks. 

Tuesday, 20th of February, 7-9.30 pm: Outdoor scenarios like walking the dog, running outdoors or getting home safe late at night.

Tuesday, 27th of February, 7-9.30 pm: Social Settings – Safety in the Workplace and in Pubs or Clubs. 

£30 for one class, £50 for two and £70 for the full course, all three classes. All bookings include free classes at our regular classes (schedule here) between the time of booking and the workshop you’ve booked.

All courses will take place at Firhill Sports Complex, there are changing rooms and free parking. Accessible via public transport by subway or buses (numbers 4, 6, 60 and 61). The venue is a 5-minute walk from Great Western Road.

The classes are aimed at 18+ but teens 14 and above are welcome with a participating adult.

If booking for 3 or more people, we’re happy to offer a discount, just message us!

Any questions, just let us know!

The classes will follow our STAY AWAY Program and is for women only. We use both male and female instructors for the course, and we will focus on teaching awareness, prevention, building self-confidence, and recognising and utilising your natural instincts to stay safe and grow stronger both mentally and physically.

No equipment or previous experience is necessary but please remember to bring water.

Learning Krav Maga is not only about preventing attacks! It is also a life-changing experience that will stay with you forever and empower you in everyday life!!

You’ll meet our friendly instructors, get to meet some new friends all while getting a great workout and having fun!

Ages 14-17 are welcome to the course with an adult accompanying.

Send us a message to be the first one to hear about upcoming courses! If you have any questions, you can get in touch with Barbara on 07512027411 or at info@scotkravmaga.co.uk

Do you have a question? Email, WhatsApp or Call us!

Call Barbara – 07512027411 or email us at info@scotkravmaga.co.uk

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Stay Away Women’s Self-Defence courses and seminars are suitable for women of all abilities; no previous martial arts or self-defence training is necessary.

Our courses have been designed to deal with the unique threats faced by women. Men and woman are built differently and our courses teach you to use modified counter attacks to fend off attackers.

Women have to confront two main threats: sexual assault and sexual harassment. It’s a common assumption that resisting and counter attacking the attacker may aggravate him and cause him to become more violent.

This assumption is wrong: studies have shown that immediate and aggressive responses including fighting back are effective (Dr Judith Herman, author Trauma and Recovery).

Participants on the courses will learn how to:

  • Overcome the difference in attacker’s size and strength
  • The use of body language
  • Dealing with knife threats
  • Effective counter attacks
  • The use of everyday common objects
  • The essence of danger

Our objective is simple: to ensure that as many women as possible attend these courses and stay safe.

Solange Pompl

I took the women's self defense class whilst living in Scotland for a year, as I wanted to learn to protect myself better. I liked it so much that I started the regular course until I left Scotland. Now, two years later, I've started taking up classes in The Netherlands again. It may sound cliché, but there's a "krav" vibe that is connected to the sports itself, and you can find it in any country. Krav Maga has made me fitter, stronger and more self-confident. I feel like they should make it a mandatory subject in all schools. But until that has become a reality, taking classes with Robert at SKMS is a great alternative

Gracie Moffat

Learning Krav Maga has allowed me to feel confident in my ability to defend myself and others, whether it's on a night out or travelling alone in a new country. Best decision I've made for my self confidence!

Camilla Damlund

Learning Krav Maga with SKMS is a true confidence builder. Robert and the other trainers are dedicated to making training fun and epic while maintaining a safe environment for all. Couldn't ask for more team spirit, more dedication, or a better Krav Maga experience.

Alyna Karim

I began Krav Maga in 2016, with the pro-active intention to learn some basic self-defence as I started university. The classes are fun, energetic and informative. They have greatly helped to build and improve my self-confidence. Overall I highly recommend learning Krav Maga through SKMS, it was definitely one of the best decisions I made.

Marion Ambrose

Absolutely love SKMS classes! Everyone is super friendly and the trainers are patient and understanding. I've definitely learned some self defence techniques that I hopefully will never need to use, but I feel prepared!