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Krav Maga Classes in Glasgow

Krav Maga Fundamentals

At SKMS we offer a full range of adult classes and instruction to suit all needs. Choose how you want to train from our mixed adult classes or women only class. The system is devised from natural responses and instinctive reactions and is therefore suitable for all! Fitness and increased strength and energy are by-products from Krav Maga so you don't need to "get fit" to join our classes.

Age 16+

Kids Krav Maga

Krav Maga teaches realistic and effective techniques to children in a fun but focused manner. The system is proven to improve social, confidence and self esteem within the child whilst dealing with real issues such as bullying and stranger danger!

Ages 5 to 15

Self-defence for women

Our courses have been designed to deal with the unique threats faced by women. Stay Away Women’s Self-Defence courses and seminars are suitable for women of all abilities; no previous martial arts or self-defence training is necessary.

Regular Workshops

Private & Corporate Tuition

For those who want to learn one on one with an instructor. We also run tailored self-defence courses for schools, businesses and organisations.

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