Kids Krav Maga with SKMS!

Kids Bootcamp 5-10th of February 2021 - registration open! See below for details!

We’re happy to announce our Kids Krav Maga Bootcamp for the school holidays! For more information, go to our Bootcamp Page

For any questions, email us or fill in our form, and we will contact you as soon as we can!

Our trial class will give your Kids an introduction to what Krav Maga is all about.

They’ll meet our friendly instructors, get to meet some new friends all while learning some valuable life skills and having fun!

Kids classes are running for ages 5-11 (updated in January 2021). To book a class or to sign up to our mailing list, send us a message at or by clicking the send us a message button!

Kids class timetable in Tier 4+: 

In Tier 5, we’re reaching 11s and under at Temple Playpark near Lock 27! Times and days might change, but we’re aiming to do a Saturday morning class 9.30-10.15 and a weekday lunchtime class, if the weather permits! We’d normally cancel if it’s heavy rain.

Book a trial class by sending us a message or via Paypal!

Kids Krav Maga Outdoors

Kids Krav Maga

Both my daughters attend and I’ve watched their confidence blossom around other kids AND adults since day one.


My boy always enjoys the classes and has become much more confident.

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