Krav Maga is the most effective self-defence system in the world. Krav Maga was first used by the military but has evolved into a system that can be used by civilians in their everyday lives.  Krav Maga contains no sporting elements; it’s based on real life situations. It works!

Krav Maga is focused on the body’s instinctive reaction to danger. Krav Maga techniques can be taught to anyone, regardless of sex, age or fitness levels. You don’t need to be fit to take part in a Krav Maga class; your fitness level will increase by practising the basic techniques. Krav Maga evolves to reflect the changes in the modern world.

At SKMS our aim is to make Scotland a safer and fitter place to live. We teach our students about awareness, alertness and avoidance. The most effective form of self-defence is prevention. Rather than teaching our students how to confront attackers, we teach them how to de-escalate a situation; however, if this course of action fails, we make sure our students have the skills and confidence to deal with the situation.

SKMS Krav Maga will bring out the best in you. We make Krav Maga accessible, affordable and fun. Our highly trained team are constantly updated and assessed to ensure that they deliver the best Krav Maga training in Scotland. We run classes from coast to coast, seven days a week. You can learn Krav Maga in a mixed class, a family class, or at one of our Women Only classes or with 1-2-1 personal tuition at home or at your gym, the choice is yours. Book your trial today.

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