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by Robert Bennett

David Lloyd Fitness Centre
200 Netherton Rd
G13 1BJ

Instructor: Robert Bennett



Tel: 07849 114 110

Bar Room Brawl And Crowd Attacks 12 March 2016

Subjects covered will include close quarter assists , multiple attacks, attempted sexual attacks and the latest phenomenon of organised gang assaults .
This seminar is unique to SKMS as we believe in making training as realistic as possible . This means loud music, alcohol and low level lighting will be in use the pressure testing sessions. You should be prepared to work hard and train harder as you will very few chances in life to experience these conditions in an safe environment .
We also believe in playing hard so the music and fun will continue with a buffet and bar to demonstrate the real social benefits of SKMS Krav Maga !
Thanks to the cooperation of David Lloyds we can offer this one off event for only £10 inc a beverage and buffet. Please book early to assist in our arrangements .

Seminar 7-10pm and bar open until Midnight.

You are in for the time of your life!

Groin guards are HIGHLY recommended .

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