Deirdre Craddock

Training KM was the best decision I have ever made for my health as well as my safety. Without a doubt I am safer, feel braver but best of all it helps control my Fibromyalgia so now I have less pain. It helped restore my strength after major surgery too, stopping me feeling so vulnerable after being sick. I encourage everyone to treat Krav Maga as …



My son and I started Krav Maga with SKMS just over two years ago. He wanted to do something more varied and practical than traditional martial arts and I went to keep him company. Since then we have both really enjoyed it, made friends, got fitter and traded bruises in a friendly atmosphere. The instructors are great and will encourage you to achie …


Solange Pompl

I took the women’s self defense class whilst living in Scotland for a year, as I wanted to learn to protect myself better. I liked it so much that I started the regular course until I left Scotland. Now, two years later, I’ve started taking up classes in The Netherlands again. It may sound cliché, but there’s a “krav” …


Gracie Moffat

Learning Krav Maga has allowed me to feel confident in my ability to defend myself and others, whether it’s on a night out or travelling alone in a new country. Best decision I’ve made for my self confidence! …


Manoj Bagha

Private lessons helped me develop my Krav skills very quickly. The one on one lessons are fantastic they were at a time that suited me. We trained outside in potentially real life situation. It was easy for Robert to pin point and fix mistakes that might not get picked up in a class full of students. All in all, I  would highly recommend SKMS privat …


Camilla Damlund

Learning Krav Maga with SKMS is a true confidence builder. Robert and the other trainers are dedicated to making training fun and epic while maintaining a safe environment for all. Couldn’t ask for more team spirit, more dedication, or a better Krav Maga experience. …


Alyna Karim

I began Krav Maga in 2016, with the pro-active intention to learn some basic self-defence as I started university. The classes are fun, energetic and informative. They have greatly helped to build and improve my self-confidence. Overall I highly recommend learning Krav Maga through SKMS, it was definitely one of the best decisions I made. …


Finlay Matheson

Krav classes have had a positive effect on both my confidence and my fitness levels. A very welcoming community and keen instructors. Would recommend for anyone looking for pragmatic self defence experience. …


Ian MacDonald

Great coaching and great atmosphere. I highly recommend SKMS to anyone who is looking to learn self defence in a friendly environment.

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