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by Robert Bennett

SKMS is delighted to announce a collaboration with a local (Glasgow) charity – Treetop Rocks! They’re a truly fantastic bunch of people with great lockdown appropriate outdoor activities for adults and kids alike! You can check them out at: @treetoprocks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or at their website at www.treetoprocks.co.uk.

Even our Christmas event will be with Treetop Rocks and as a bonus, their activities are Tier 4 compliant!

Here’s the article they have published about our collaboration:

“So we have been fortunate to team up with a local self-defense group called Krav Maga to run some joint sessions! Our partnership started when Krav Maga Owner and Head Instructor Robert brought some of his adult instructors – Barbara, Marios and Cain – along for a tree climbing class during one of our general public sessions on a Saturday. It was a great exchange of ideas on both sides. We learnt more about a sport we had not heard of before, which has its origins in Jewish resistance movement against fascist forces in Czechoslovakia in the dark years of the late 1930s, while Robert was struck by what an intense core workout tree climbing can be. We were delighted to get some adults along too, as we have been surprised as to how few adults seem to end up in our sessions unless they are parents climbing alongside their kids. Given how popular adult fitness in the form of gym workouts and sports like rock climbing is, we would like to expand on our adult market, and target non-parents from 18 upwards, as well as our families whom we value greatly. So we were really grateful that Robert then brought his lovely daughter Eilidh along to do another session and have some photos taken which she then shared on her Instagram to help us target the adult market.”

You can book a Self Defense Trial class with SKMS at our booking page at https://www.scotkravmaga.co.uk/trial

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